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Tarot card readings to gain insight into your of your intuitive self. See why things have affected you in the past, what is influencing your present, and how it is guiding you toward your future.


Gypsy Medicine Woman

Hello this is Cynthia Toet,

“Ms. Flip-it”

I am your Tarot Card Reader, Happiness Coach, Medicine Woman, Psychic, Shaman, Medium, Empathic, Intuitive, Diviner, Herboligosist and a Massage Therapist, utilizing my skills to help others bring their better life story forward. 


Hi, I’m Cynthia- a medicine woman, psychic channel, medium, empathic intuitive, and happiness coach. Over the last 25 years I have been working with people on an energetic level, to flip their emotional state around, helping to bring alignment to their personal lives, so they are operating from their higher self.


My vision is to bring  your heart and mind together so you can discover your true happiness, of your spirit. Through supportive dialogue and exercises this gypsy medicine woman tarot reader will give you the tools to simplify and improve your quality of life, which may open new opportunities, finding your personal joy within your life.

Gypsy Medicine Woman


About Tarot

 “Tarot card reading” may mean a woman dressed up in a Gypsy outfit, leaning over a small round table in a candlelit room, in a foretelling mystery looking room. It maybe with scarfs, crystals, herbs and other decorative items.

To be honest with you, Tarot readings are not really meant to tell your fortune or your future.   

“WHAT?” “You’re Kidding Right?”


They are actually here to help lead and guide us to our own truth which is already within ourselves. In fact, the occult organization, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn says, “The most powerful sources of information come from within; and Tarot may aid one in coming in contact with their Higher Self.”

So in my eyes the cards allow one to see the things which are within, which one may not be able to see themselves or maybe not clear with their insight… So the cards lets you see within. Nice to know we have guidance out here, when we are to congested to see what is needed to be known.


Readings for Guidance

Tarot card readings to gain insight into your of your intuitive self. See why things have affected you in the past, what is influencing your present, and how it is guiding you toward your future.



Tarot Reading ~ Zoom Call 

Readings done Live at home with the Zoom Application.  Watch your reading as it is being recorded live.


Energy Reading

Here is where a truthful  answer to any question we may have, may be discovered. 

Find out what it is your body wants or needs.

See what answer which may be found, that your logical mind was unable to see.

Remove the clutter, and get to the details of what really needs to be done.





Tarot Reading ~ Recorded

Readings are recorded in a video format, and then sent to you to watch as many times as needed.

Here I used my tarot reading skills with my psychic abilities to channel in your guided message.



Herbal Guidance

Herbs have so many healing abilities, it is just a matter to which herbs to use for what.

Here I am able to use my divining tools, to lead and guide one to the herbs which are the most likely to help ones issues.


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Disclaimer: All Services and practices are for Spiritual Growth, Guidance & Entertainment purposes ONLY. This is NOT to replace ANY medical, legal and/or psychological treatment. These readings are to help turn the chaotic life around to something better. To help each individual, find their better story, to lead and guide their inner self around, to discover a better mode of operation, giving it a direction which is easy to handle, a direction to start out our day. discovery/handle/maintain/




“Thank you Cynthia Toet for all the readings I’ve had with you. You are always spot on. I love you and will call you for more. You’re a blessing in my world.”

~ Moana Peke Lee

“Your readings are always in perfect order and divine timing!! I’m watching this tonight….just so on point. By the way, always love your attitude and energy. It’s the best!!”

~ Kathy Araiza

“Hi Cynthia. I’m trying to bring a balance in today too. The Justice card reminds me to stop judging myself. Thank you for your intuition. I look forward to seeing more of you.”

~ Alona Moana

“This is so perfect and needed, operation from unconditional love these days. Love the cards, miss you.”

~ Delainy Ward

“Great reading! Love the tips on flipping the negative story to a positive one!”

~ LaTasha Imhof