Cynthia Toet’s Coaching Style

Cynthia utilizes her intuitions, to guide you to your better life story. With her high sense of awareness, she has the ability to see what is out of alignment, within one’s life. She is able to Identify the source, which leads to the solution. She has this contagious way of cheering one forward, towards their higher vibrational feeling, which leads to a better FEEL of a way.


Meet Cynthia

Your Intuitive Happiness Coach,  Empathic Spiritual Leader,  Divine Psychic, Healer, Intuitive Guide, supporting the journey of bringing your best life story forward.


My Story

cynthia logoWhen I was 19, I had a profoundly mind-shifting, life-altering experience. I was in a room full of people, sitting in a circle. Everyone in the circle said,
“Cynthia, you are the most successful person in the room!”

I was stunned, as I had always thought of myself as shy and someone nobody really knew. I also felt like I had been hiding most of my life.

I then asked everyone why they felt that way. Each of them replied that I had a gift of knowing exactly how to guide them into a space of feeling better and happier, almost instantly. They all thought my mission in life was to be a psychologist, but this gal knew better. I refused to give my Divine gift away to a system that would put parameters on how it could be used in a truly effective way. This is how my fire was flamed and the exciting and fulfilling journey began.

Over the years, I went through relationships, marriage, and divorce. I finally settled down in a successful marriage and had a child. But, during my child-rearing years, a debilitating condition, fibromyalgia (FMS) developed.  I declared that I would find a way to heal myself After suffering for 15 years with this condition for 15 years, I did just that. YEAH!

Interestingly enough, I came across a book written in the 1800s, that told of women who had the same type of a condition. It explained that women suffered from the condition because they were out of alignment with who they truly were. They were living someone else’s standard of living and not being true to themselves, which did not serve them. Suddenly, it hit ME. I finally understood it was time to utilize my beautiful gifts and skills on myself!

I got to work by taking every single emotion that made me feel less than whole and complete and turned it into a new story.  I was able to locate the beliefs and attach them to the moment that was creating lower vibrational feeling. This allowed me to bring new, higher vibrational feelings into the moment; flipping those life stories around to bring a better feeling forward. From this ACTION I also learned how to switch heavy feelings into much lighter feelings. This gave me more energy to work through this process. It changed my life and is a process I use daily for myself and my clients.

Over the last 25 years, I (aka, Gypsy Medicine Woman) have worked with people on an emotional and energetic level. Flipping their feelings from bad to better, ultimately changing their lives by aligning them to who they really are. This allows them to operate from their higher self. Today, I  am here to help clients flip their “stories” around and build confidence. Because of this, they are able to make wise and healthy decisions to bring a much happier life forward to the present moment. They know how to identify those lower feelings, and what to do with them when they show up.



My Values & Beliefs

Everyone has the right to be HAPPY😀

Happiness comes from within. It is our job, to be the ones, to go within to find our own happiness.

YOUR Personal

Clearing old stories, lead to emotional freedom!

I believe our uncomfortable feelings – lower emotions, are flippable. One is able to change the way an emotion makes them feel, and bring a better feeling forward. Flip those feels around to better, bring miracles to your present day.



Our feelings are messengers

Our feelings let us know when we are out of balance with our true purpose in life.  When one learns how to nurture those feelings, by listening to what they really need, one is able to regain their balance in life again. 


The Gypsy Medicine Woman

(Yes, that is Me!)


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Gypsy Medicine Woman – Cynthia Toet  “A MUST WATCH” tarot reading, down by the riverside!

Be in BALANCE, Stop feeling like you’re lost. Keep finding your way. Walk away from that trickery.
Leave those old stories behind.
Enjoy the reading!

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