Always on the road, reading her cards like a Gyspy, being a Medicine Woman healing your life story.

Gypsy Medicine Woman FlipN Life Cheerleader


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EP 104 Cynthia Toet – Flip’n Happy Cheerleader

Cynthia Toet, Happiness Cheerleader and Gypsy Medicine Woman, talks to Peter and Kathleen about inner stories, life’s journey and happiness.

Podcast Creation with Trudy Newell ~ Getting Past Resistance ~ Cynthia Toet

Here trying out using Zoom as my platform to create a Video Podcast.

Going In the Backdoor🚪 Love Story💞 ~ Tarot Reading🔮 ~ Cynthia Toet

How Is The Current Energy Affecting Your Life Right Now ~ Gypsy Tarot Reading🔮 ~ Cynthia Toet


Typewriter Story – Rewriting The Love Story 📖💞~ Cynthia Toet

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