My friend in Philippines messages me… Look it’s 333, knowing sequences of number mean a lot to me.

Believing the universe is speaking to me.

Now it’s the next day…and I’m parked somewhere, looking forward to a possible meet up… and I take a picture of the number 555, and it says right next to it “The Met” Really… like we already met.. well we kinda have..

Well back to the 333 story.. it’s now 333pm.. so I decided to travel on to another location. I went and bought myself a Boston Cream cream filled donut.. Yum Yumm….While I was in my car ready to back up, someone pulls up to the side if me…. Now I had to wait for them, because they had opened the door to get out of their car….

So I was patiently waiting.. Look what happens next….

This person has a Tee-shirt on with large numbers of 333.

I sat there and laughed my ass off.. Actually I had to get out and share my story with them. And you’re not going to believe what happens next.

He shows me his leg which has a LARGE tattoo with the number 333 on it. I AM SO AMUSED. I thanked them for being apart of my journey as my story grows.

Awe… Happy Happy…Going to get out of this parking lot now…

Oh no… You’re not going to believe what I see next, for any of you which follow my story, You’ll know how this fits into my story line..

Right in front of me is this ORANGE MUSTANG. OMGoodness… You know what the universe has to do to set this up for me? I mean, come on really there are not that many ORANGE MUSTANGS. Definitely the universe is keeping my story LIVE and REAL… AND reminding me this is TRUE.. this is really HAPPENING… to kick any doubt out of the way. For this is a very MAGICAL journey.

Definitely in LOVE with the PROCESS of LIFE.