Lets change the IDEA of what Love will take from you.

Lets flip your script to attract your true love story to with the best possible outcome.

Cool stuff.

What is the FEAR about getting into a relationship?

A relationship will take up that time…. You Know, That time you get to yourself. The times you get to create, the time you get to relax, the times you get to do you.

Not meaning the times when your wishing someone else was there🤔

But those times which you enjoy, when you are all alone….

Those creative moments

Those lazy moments

Those moments you get to do whatever the heck you want to do moments. Yes, those moments.

The FEAR of:

“What will be taken away?”

“What will be lost?”

Loosing your sense of freedom, all gone Bye-Bye

Yet, in a relationships, you should still be able to do what you want.. including alone time, when needed.

Yet when we don’t have anyone else to turn to, we are alone far too long, and crave that interaction.

The interaction with a flowing way…😊which includes Fun, Laughter, Passion, Desire, Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Teamwork, Partnership, being treated as you would treat another.

Is the FEAR of thinking you’d be missing out, on your alone time?


Not really.

What the true fear is, one may take away

your Passion,

your Desires,

your Dreams…

that’s the real fear.

When you’re perfect mate, that person actually

Inspires you,

Encourages you,

Grows you,

Flows with you..

The Fear is that’s what would be taken away.

Yet when your with that perfect one, which crave to do things together,

From the Joy of it, From the Excitement of it… From the Passion of it,

Plus you actually get more of what you really want within your life.

Set out to Attract The BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME…..
Which includes this HAPPY EVER AFTER LOVE STORY included.

All those fears, of Losing something the moment you find your PERFECT FIT,

Wash them away, Let them be Gone, Blow them away, Wiped your soul clean from this fear… Let it be No More….


Bring this FEEL forward, as if this most Amazing Partnership has come into your life. The one which creates the MOST AMAZING LOVE STORY EVER. Yes this feels like a good outfit to wear, put this outfit on.

Kick any doubt that this can happen… For It’s Happening, because you put it out there.

This is what you give, and this is what the universe has to offer back, to you, as its gift. Like a Job Well Done, for being you.

Includes all of this in the package deal:

Being treated as you would treat another, with this