Just popping in to share a little story…

Here just recently, my life changed, causing myself to move out of the home I’ve been living in for the last 23yrs.
As I was Going through my things, which had been moved, I found a story my daughter wrote exactly 6 years, before this cause of events, which created this move.

The paper is called
“Moving “

Of course… The best title for a move…. :+)

In the story she writes about coming home from school one day & everything was packed to move, so everything happened real fast..
(Like this move)

The move I am making right now, came real fast, like do this RIGHT NOW, fast! JUMP. So, I did.

Then she wrote how her mother got an opportunity, to make some money, causing the move to take place.

I am actually moving to an area, where opportunity exists. Following the guidance from the universe. I would say from my instincts, but it’s definitely more than instincts.

Then her story went on, saying the move was near a beach ⛱. I am in motion towards moving near the beach.

By now, you must think I’m joking…


I’m telling you the Truth.

Hum, I wonder how Psychic is my daughter really is? Seeing this 6 years ago, just a little ahead of time, that’s all.

A story which made a story for me to write in my blog.

I mean how cool is that!

The craziest things is, that is when the disconnect really started and change was destined to happen.

Just love sharing these types of stories with you.

The universe is constantly speaking to us. It is for each of us to be quite & still enough to receive the messages, and to respond.


Life is full of blessings Daily…
I’m so HAPPY to SEE them, and even more HAPPY to FEEL them, and so Excited to SHARE them.