Last night’s “Your Hidden Love Story” show.. on my “Gypsy Medicine Woman” YouTube Channel,
Had a few hiccups.. Well let’s so had some ECHOING issues.

Myself as Ms. Flip-it… Flipped each Echo around to something better.🥰
Here let me explain.

The first 2 minutes of the program ran with an Echo sound😲…
My tech guy was working here, over the weekend. It looks like my headset and mic where both setup to use, together at the same time..🙃 So during my Live show, I had to figure out what to do, asap🤔All with a smile, Of Course😁
Next a couple of my regular followers, name was being Duped. Someone had created a false ID, coming into the live show, playing around with my regulars. As I laughed & giggled and played, while troubleshooting the issue during the live, my followers didn’t see the humor in this. For myself, I was being tested, on how to handle these types of situations under pressure. Yep, I handle it well, I do have to say.👩‍🏭

Well because of the above, I ended up playing my commercial twice, since I was slightly distracted from the duped names. Might as well dupe my commercial play right😅

Then to finalize this duping effect, we’ll let’s say Echoing effect..
One of My pre written statement for the show was
” Observe where the Universe is ECHOING back what you say.”

Now to me that was “Divinely Guided”
Which was the topic of the show.😊