This energy all around is so very strong. It feels EXPLOSIVE!

Emotions all over the place up/down/all around…

Obstacles blocking your next move, feeling the resistance all around, putting pressure on the new path, which has been found.

Now many of us are very sensitive, to this energy going around…


the energy of….

“What direction next?”

I mean, this has been the year we all have been challenged to the question

“What’s next?”

It’s not what we thought it was going to be. It is something different.

Just keep moving forward, pushing through these emotional feels…

Keep chasing your inner self, for your external life.

Keep bringing those better feelings into the body, mind, & soul. Feel the Happy soul…

Feel the Mircule life is offering, to you, right now.

The mircule of having a choice to how we feel inside, to how we react outside…

It is a blessing to know we have a choice to think better thoughts, which bring a better feeling, to have a better day, each day.

Keep chasing those “better feels of a way” things. Keep heading towards the direction which brings inner peace, with the things you’re doing.

You have pushed.

You have pulled.

You have struggled.

You have surrendered

You have given your ALL.

So a don’t

“MESS with me now”, kinda feeling, is in the air.



Is the energy to embody, to hold your balance.

You have been doing your research, and have decided which direction you’d like your inner self to feel.

Never needing to revisit those old ucky feels again, for you have GROWN.

That’s how to explain this very unusual explosive feeling within the day.

Just hold your ground. Hold your spot. Keep guiding inner self, towards the BEST feeling ever, yet.