Body is vibrating so high, Feeling as she has just met the Love of her life.

What? Who did I meet?


Feeling so Whole, so Complete, so Vibrant, so Amazing. And all being aligned with the Stars.

It’s as if meeting my soul mate through this other dimension. Through this other time & space. Even able to honor social distancing during the met up. The met up happened in this 5D space. In a different reality, which is now becoming reality.

Wow, this is intense. This is awesome. What an amazing feel.

Thank you for showing up, and sharing with me how real this is… It lit my Fire. Undeniably felt, this warm embracing loving feel… Tingles throughout the whole body… Like no other time… Wow, Wow. WOW…

It feels so nice, don’t even want to question the how, it just is Amazing. Is this what the New World is like ?

If so, heck let’s jump right into this BRAND NEW FEEL OF A WAY, as being our NORMAL WAY.


This is what I call a spiritual dance party.

Together yet, apart…

Amazing things are taking place. I’m so excited to see what the further changes are going to be.

Crazy, out of this world, never heard of ideas, and ways. Let’s get started.

Exciting times….. Lay ahead.

As my whole body signed with an Awe…