As I have been moving forward with my spiritual journey as a Tarot card reader. It came across some of my training material, how it was a good idea to do a ceremony, when one is stepping out of operating from our Ego self, to operating fully from thy spiritual self.

So I took it upon myself to come up with my own little ceremony.

Looking things up on the internet to see exactly what this may entitle, and then adding a little my own little spice to it… Then I wanted to record it, so I may share it with you.

The purpose of the ceremony is to

* Banish old habits

* Heal

* Create Closure

* Invoke Healing powers with transformation

* Develop Self discipline

I started preparing the environment around me, doing some clearing with sea salt, and dancing around with my rattle noise maker. Gathering all my crystal which have been cleansed, & charged, ready for use. Laying out the tarot cards which represent the ceremony to prep for recording my process.

Oh how exciting..

The first step represents


Endings towards the Ego self. Endings of the illusions.

The process is to light a candle, then blow it out. So simple.

Next step represents

“Rebirth/New Beginnings”

To Anoint yourself, for your Mind-Body-Health.

Use an essential oil like with Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Sage or Tea Tree.

You may choose to mix one or more of the oils in a spray bottle with purified water, and then spray it around yourself. I choose just to dab a little oil on my wrist, choosing Rose oil to help clear lower emotional feels, and peppermint to give it a little pep… some action Get it moving, right along.

The third step represents


Get a feather, and brush it around your body, shifting the air all around.

Visual all the tension in the body flowing away.

This last step is to make it final,

“Letting go/Releasing”

Get a piece of paper and write down what needs to be let go of for this change to take place, the burn it… Burning it away, and So be it…. and so it is.

Things started making changes right away within my life. Definitely was able to noticed the change.