The tiger within,
Where nobody’s been.

Inner knowingness where this thing stands,
Be gentle with self when discovery lands.

Remember to operate from the baseline of love,
Guided from our divineness from above.

Each morning pause long enough to become balance within self and all around,
Hearing beauty in every sound.

Blossoming flowers,
With magical powers.

Discovering this path,
Without any math.

This natural flow,
Radiating an amazing glow.

Steps forward is this Unbreakable_doable You,
Ridding all that sticky goo.

Standing in our power,
Life seems less sour.

Walking in Harmony,
With a magical Key.

Brings in the shine so Bright,
We’d wonder why the internal fight.

Just walk this path, and watch and see,
Life truly has a way to set us emotionally free.

To live, laugh & play,
Having lots of fun that’s all I have to Say!

written by Cynthia Toet